Whistle blowers in the lens of society

Whistle blowers in the lens of society
Source: Emmanuel Graham Nyamekye
Date: 30-05-2018 Time: 10:05:30:pm

Most people do not like journalist and would not want to associate with them most especially those considered to be whistle blowers.

They are mostly seen to be inquisitives. It is in this light that the popular adage “a doctor’s friend is a doctor” becomes true. And in like manner, a journalist’s friend is a journalist. Society mostly looks at a whistle blower with a wearied eye. They are regarded to be detectives who are mostly fishing out the bad people in society. Though some sociologists like Durkheim says deviance has a positive effect on society, however, the primary aim of society is not in bringing up criminals, else, she has failed to achieve her goal.

For John Locke righty said that people need to come together to form a social contract all for the betterment of the human society and that of its members. Thomas Hobbes shares this view when he says that in the state of nature, man is brutish, selfish and there is war of all against all. Social contract is therefore necessary to bring about peace in society. Society hence is formed for one of such a purpose. This is what stakeholders and some journalists want to achieve, thereby making sure all criminal acts and immoral acts are brought to light. 

I must say that society was born free but is everywhere chained by criminal acts. This is retarding the growth of society therefore looking malnourished. Criminals find their acts as the ordeal for society. This is what most journalists and other stakeholders see as untrue of society. Recently, in the quest of the government to fight corruption and corrupt people, the office of the special prosecutor has been set. The special prosecutor’s office has been given the power to prosecute anyone found in such acts. Before the establishment of this office, some journalists have tried in their own way to bring to light some corrupt acts of some stakeholders. One of paramount importance is that of the judges of the Supreme Court.

Wouldn’t people be happy that bad people are caught and dealt with? Suppose the answer is yes, who is to expose them? People who expose such criminals who by their criminal acts are reverting the norms of society are treated sometimes as strangers. But can we and must we live in the wrong and let the wrongs swallow us up? Not possible. Something must be done.

In the midst of liars, the one who tells the truth becomes a stranger. When some social institutions are getting bend and others have made it their point to straighten it, others too who love how it has bend pushes off those good initiatives. Telling the truth has become difficult even among most people at the head of religious affairs. Religious leaders are mostly looked up to when it comes to issues that involves truthfulness. It is however surprising that most religious people cover the truth and uncover the lie thereby inciting in people to take a lie for the truth. My brothers, this is what society has become. But can we sit aloof and look on to wrongs being done? We must note that what is wrong is wrong even when it is committed by the one who instituted the boundaries. What is evil is evil even when the law makers interpret them as right. What is immoral is immoral even when it mimics what is moral. Stand for the good and ensure that what is right is done rightly.  Do not compromise with what is wrong even if it is your mummy who committed it. Let your whistles always be in your mouth ready to blow it, giving the signal to any calamities.

 If you’re a journalist and you do not die for the profession you’re in, then you do have and did not have passion for the profession. Note that people will not praise you when you are helping society gain the good name she has lost. Stand against all social immoralities dear Ghanaians.

Thank you all journalists, thank you your excellency Nana Addo, and thank you Anas Aremeyaw Anas for blowing the whistle.



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