The “Pull Him Down” phenomenon? My experience-defined thoughts

The “Pull Him Down” phenomenon? My experience-defined thoughts
Source: Kennedy Osei-Tutu |
Date: 23-10-2018 Time: 08:10:48:am

Many have wondered why Ghanaians cannot love themselves the same way they love foreigners. Or love the same way other African countries love themselves. Why are we so vicious to ourselves? Why only a negligible fraction of the Ghanaian population both home and abroad do exude real “Ghana Love”.  

This is really a pathetic situation resulting in the infamous “Pull Him Down” (PHD and not PhD) phenomenon. In my modest attempt in answering the question, I will say this occurrence resides in GREED and SELFISHNESS. It is often said that PHD is the only degree that all Ghanaians are innately entitled to. The belief is that all Ghanaians are predisposed to it.

But as we all know it is not applicable to every Ghanaian. It is rather a major deficit in our socialization process. It is therefore not DNA based but a pure sociological ill that can be address frontally. But ironically, anybody that for the love of the country raises this question is labeled anti-Ghanaian by hypocrites who hind under the name of patriotism, nationalism and national security to destroy innocent lives and enrich themselves.

True is the maxim that goes like “to fix a Ghanaian problem use a Ghanaian solution”. Similarly, this other adage also holds true “a Ghanaian Star can only be brought down by a Ghanaian Puller”. For instance, no entity was able to succeed in finishing Kwame Nkrumah until his own fellow Ghanaians were use in the process. There is a high probability that behind the problems confronting any Ghanaian anywhere in the world there is another Ghanaian behind it either directly or indirectly (spiritual or physical).

I experience an attack over the last seven years from the opposition party in my life and it is traceable to this phenomenon. There was a gang-up by my own fellow Ghanaians with a master plan of seeing to my life destruction and eventual deletion. And this is how all the key implementation partners of the plot executed their major roles.

Firstly is my ex-girlfriend, her family members and associates. These people are the master minds. I met this lady in Holland through Ghana TV connected to her deceptive facebook profile (she is now hiding from social media by changing her name on a regular basis to apparently stop the public from discovering her true identity and location).

In the process of trying to court her into marriage, I had evidence of her infidelity.  This generated an altercation that was resolved. I have eye witnesses. But she took offence and later reported me to a mafia network that her family belongs to. She also involved the father who is a Police Inspector in Cantonment to set his men on me. That is not all. She also got her uncle by name Kweku Baako Jnr and his boy, Anas Aremeyaw Anas and their team involve.

A lot of forces were driven into it including some prominent media outlets in Ghana. She was able to get their support through her lies and usual deception as she never revealed the actual cause of the altercation we had. She rather decided to frame me up with a big allegation to satisfy her whims and caprices.

But I thought with the caliber of the people that she got involve they will be able to see through her fabricated stories. But I was mistaken. I discovered such people were even worse than her in terms of character defect.

For instance check this twin gentlemen call Anas and Kweku Baako Jnr who have fooled everyone in Ghana and the world. These are people who claim to be undercover journalists fighting corruption but cannot catch any body live on video or audioFLAGRANTE DELITO but have to entrap, script and act out a corrupt situation so as to get movies to sale to the highest bidder anywhere in the world in order to line their pocket and appear good in the eyes of the people.

I call this type of corruption fight and evidence collection “SYNTHETIC CORRUPTION” AND “SYNTHETIC EVIDENCE”.  For instance in recent times, a famous President of Ghana Football Association (GFA) by name Kwesi Nyantakyi was framed up simply because he engaged in influence peddling (something that is a common practice in most organizations in Ghana) whereby he was just running his mouth. That is synthetic evidence at it best. Since they could not find any evidence against him then they must script one against him.

They abuse our culture of gift offering and called it bribe. In Ghana it is our culture to show appreciation when someone does something for you regardless if the person is paid to do so or not. Check the school system in Ghana where most parents shower gifts on their children’s Teachers when the Teacher has not asked for it.

This is what these people are taking advantage of to destroy innocent lives in Ghana with impunity. By the method known as entrapment, these enemies of Ghana can script the downfall of virtually any man on the planet. They tried it on the President of the Republic but failed miserably.

What makes them toxic to society is that they work underground (secretly) and achieve their objectives by working through trusted friends, family members and things that interest you in life. By the method, people end up doing their bidding without them knowing. It is a systematic secret networking tactic applied with an aid of sophisticated security gadgets.

Again, this Anas character for knowing that I have discovered his current identity and thinking I will make it public, decided to stage his own identity uncovering. He said instead of me revealing his true identity to the world, he is going to use my name sake to do that. So unknown to Hon. Ken Agyepong, these people schemed a way out by using certain people to act like they are former staff of Tiger Eye who have fallen out with Anas and as such are making his identity public.

They then went on to release centuries old videos and pictures to Hon. Ken. Anyway those pictures and videos do not look like the guy in his current form. That guy has actually never appeared in public before. The gentleman that appears in public with mask is just his public relation image.

After entrapping the Hon. Member of Parliament, they then turn around to sue him to make some more money. What wickedness! They planned everything on paper long ago before they carry it through. This is an ample illustration of what I am referring to as we being our own enemies.

They are a group that can be hired by any entity in the world to finish another Ghanaian. Worthy of note that the GFA President issue happened with full knowledge of his own staff. Some of the staff are on record that when they received such monetary gifts from those disguise terrorists, their colleagues at the office hinted them of the “secret movie shooting”, so they return the money.

These guys are practicing in Ghana what I called ALTERNATIVE FORMS OF TERRORISM. And for them being members of a secret global security organization and with their membership in the state security structure, they have become mini gods in Ghana. What a pity!

The second element in this gang-up concerns certain corrupt officials in Ghana’s state security system. These are people who claim to be custodians of Ghanaians the world over. To them they are so powerful that they can be termed the de facto rulers of Ghana. They say they have everybody in their palm. And how did I get involve with these people? I entered their zone when due to the attack from my ex-girlfriend and her associates; I fled to Holland in May 2012.

At a meeting with officials of the former government in The Hague, the Dutch Government ordered the Ghanaian government to give me security to ensure Ghana is safe for me to stay and work. The officials agreed and assured me that State Security officials namely: Bureau of National Investigation (BNI), Criminal Investigation  Department (CID) and the Secret Service will conduct an investigation into the matter and give me maximum security when I arrive in Ghana.

Unknown to me it was a deception as the then government officials and the security forces were angered by my act. They claim Ghana is a sovereign country and that if I have security concerns I should have complain to the authorities first and not bypass them and report to a foreign government. They claim by my act I have dented Ghana’s image as a truly democratic country and that Ghana is not capable of protecting it citizens.

They also claim falsely that I didn’t want to stay and work in Ghana but prefer to stay in a foreign land after the country has invested in me through a Government of Ghana facilitated international scholarship. The then government, by my Ashanti name, even thought I was an active member of the then opposition party and as such I am on a campaign to discredit the government to a foreign power.

So upon my second return in Ghana in May 2013 and instead of them helping me out they rather turn their attack on me seeing me as an enemy of the state. They said though they have discovered that the mafia gang of my ex-girlfriend is behind the onslaught against my life, they cannot deal with them because they are a secret cult but even if they can deal with them, they will not do it. But rather they will look for them, join hands with them and as a matter of fact support and collaborate with any other entity that has scores to settle with me to finish and delete my life because to them I am a bad person. Well, they actually did collaborate so well with them for it is not strange Anas, Kweku Baako Jnr, the girl’s Police Inspector father etc are all members of Ghana’s State Security. So they can use it apparatus for parochial purposes. No problem! And this is how Ghana understands Responsibility to Protect (R2P). It is only in Ghana that State Security officials will use threats, intimidation and systematic propaganda in the name of giving security clearance to dehumanize, denigrate and destroy somebody’s life, career, finances and destiny.

When I realize that the State security forces where even attacking me more than the masterminds, I expressed my displeasure on numerous occasions. With this, they got more infuriated and said they have change mission and that they now have a personal war with me for denigrating and disrespecting them.

Yes, they are on me 24/7 till end of time just to prove to the international community especially the Dutch Government that they are my body guards and as such are practicing good governance whiles in practice they have turn the body guarding into gang stalking, electronic harassment, persecution, propaganda and blatant abuse of my fundamental rights as a Ghanaian citizen. In Nigeria here, they work through other Ghanaians as well as Nigerians to continue their plot against me.

They use their international system to destroy anything I try to do here in Nigeria that relates to rebuilding my life. They have succeeded in organizing two mob attacks on me here in Lagos and Abuja all in an attempt to delete my life but the Lord saved me. They have tried on numerous occasions to frame me up one way or the other using our own fellow Ghanaians or working through Nigerians but have all failed utterly.

I try to get help from our Embassy here in Nigeria and they move in to foil it. Anything I try to do to rebuild my life they go behind the scenes to destroy it. They have succeeded in destroying my image, reputation, credentials, career and wellbeing here in Nigeria. And by virtue that they are using the state security image and system, any Tom, Dick and Harry believes them.

They are just bent on making sure they finish me but as I keep on saying their weapons (Isa 54:17), craft and devices (Job 5:12) against my life and destiny shall never succeed and I will rebuild my life whether they like it or not!

The final element is my own family people. These people from both my father’s and mother’s side wittingly and unwittingly collaborated with these terrorists in finishing me. Yes, it is only in Ghana that a family will gladly join hands with an external force to deal with one of their own. For those masterminds and security forces, I do not share any blood with them. So for them wanting to harm me, I will say no problem. That is usual! But for my own blood to play such a key role in the whole act, that really hurts.

The least said here the better because it transcends the borders of operating logic. As illustrated in scriptures, Jesus suffered similar fate. But when it came to Judas who was like a family member to him, he told him he has sin the greatest. Jesus did not say he is not to be blamed because he was influence by Satan. Yes, though Satan was behind it, yet Jesus put all the blame on him. Remember Judas was not the masterminds but the betrayer. The Pharisees, Sadducees etc have planned against Jesus long ago. When it came to the rest especially those that were physically molesting him, he simply prayed for them saying “Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing”.

By this experience, I can hypothesize that for much of the woes of some Ghanaians I have witness here in Nigeria and by extension other countries, another Ghanaian/s or associated group might well be behind it directly or indirectly. Let me reiterate that no entity was able to succeed in finishing Kwame Nkrumah until his own fellow Ghanaians were use in the process.

If Ghana that is highly bless with resources such as intellectual, physical, natural, material etc coupled with good leadership can love themselves the same way they love foreigners, then the country can become a force in the world. But if we are going to hate on each other in the manner that I demonstrated then the development agenda will be a mirage because any country’s development is dependent on development of its people.

I hope some of us that believe in the value of the human being will start championing an end to this phenomenon of “Pull Him Down” and develop a sense and culture of loving and promoting our own. Even if we have an issue against someone base on evidence or otherwise, with love the approach in addressing it will be humanitarian. This is amply demonstrated by the way I handled these opposition party people in my life.

 Let me use this opportunity to commend the current government in planning to build a national cathedral. It is long overdue. As usual there will be descendants of Judas to discourage you using their hypocritical arguments like misplace priority and so forth. Just like when Mary Magdalene poured oil worth a fortune on the feet of Jesus, Judas made the same arguments (Jn 12:1-6).

The fact is that their eyes of understanding is not enlightened in this regard (Eph 1:18). Silver and gold belongs to God (Haggai 2:8) so whether you invest in the advancement of the Kingdom of God or not, God remains God and He will forever remain God. The President is on the right track for the spiritual governs the physical!

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