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Bold writing, what is it?

Bold writing, what is it?
Source: Ghana | | Akyena Brantuo |
Date: 12-02-2019 Time: 08:02:46:am
Benjamin Akyena Brantuo

This is where words stand independent of the entire sentence.  The words carry weight in themselves which burden the entire sentence to stand apart from what it was intended to convey.

Words like an epidemic, acpandemic catastrophic, chaos, etc. show beyond a statement a meaning beyond the sentence. 

Often people write apologetically, as if mere spectators of what they are conveying, when in fact, they can be active audience, who colour speech to look good.

It is not about influencing content so as to convey bias or personal opinions but words can do that on their own without the writer’s help if the right words are chosen to communicate perspectives which voice to the sentence beyond mere reporting, stating of facts and even exaggerating.

Not only do words have colour, but they also have taste and aroma, so that readers though absent from an event, can see it, smell it and even feel it right inside their bones as if they witnessed it because words do communicate what actually happened.

Bold writing will make reading serious and will capture attention and preserve events beyond when it happened until everyone will live what happened as if they witnessed it too.

Sometimes we report our feelings [as in creative writing] but when it is about what has happened, keep the words alive in themselves to tell what transpired without losing any of its fervour and fragrance. 

Words do talk and they do boldly. Not when we sit on them and refuse to stand but when we get words that in themselves will not be flattened by the sentence but boldly represent essence and power. The bolder the writing, the more real it preserves events that we communicate and even more exciting it captures the attention of readers.

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