Where do we site Bono East Capital strategically to benefit all?

Where do we site Bono East Capital strategically to benefit all?
Source: Ghana| Addo-Donkor Everson
Date: 10-01-2019 Time: 01:01:23:pm

My deepest appreciation goes to all and sundry who in diverse ways contributed to the creation of Bono East Region. We are proud winners!!!

Initially, I thought we will respectfully leave the selection of the Regional Capital to His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to decide. However, surprisingly, some people have started putting in some analysis here and there in order to win favour from the President for the siting of the capital. 

In view of this, l also deem it fit as a politician and also a stakeholder in the ruling party to express my opinion on the issue. 

There is a school of thought that, distance has a role to play in the selection; another school of thought says, centrality of the capital to the other towns is a point to consider.

As much as I agree to the points above, I also strongly agree that, any good politician or political researcher will not listen to any of such points because in politics all those points are WEAK ones. 

A first year Free SHS Government student is aware that, in politics it is the numbers that count. 

Now, let's look at what percentages the contentious towns contributed to the YES votes in the just-ended referendum. 

This is limited to YES votes: 

1.Techiman South and North  - 140,719   =31.37%

2. Nkoranza South & North -  84,877=18.92%

3. Kintampo South & North – 77,724 = 17.73%

4. Pru East & West – 52,144 = 10.67%

5. Atebubu Amanten – 46,668 = 10.40%

6. Sene East & West - 40,594 = 9.05%

Bono East

With the above analysis, I think any politician or government will consider where to site the Regional capital because in politics, numbers are the KEY ingredient in any election. 

Again, I think we all know the difference between 31% and 10% in any election. 

I hope Hon. Dan Botwe, the General, will read this. 

Hon Martin Korsah will do same, likewise many more NPP researchers and political scientists.

Bono East

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