A dose of TRUTH: The police are inundated, leave them alone

A dose of TRUTH: The police are inundated, leave them alone
Source: Ghana| Oswald Azumah| oswaldkazumah@gmail.com
Date: 25-01-2019 Time: 08:01:03:am
David Asante Apeatu is Inspector General of Police

Various discerning persons have hit back at critics for calling out the police in the midst of the recent crime wave. The latest being the kidnapping of some young girls in Takoradi.

After five months of Blessing Bentum being missing, the police did not publish her picture in their ‘investigation processes’. The Western regional police commander said on air that they were still investigating.

They did, however, publish the picture of the young girl along with the others who have gone missing after that unfortunate interview.

But can we really blame the police for losing grip of situations? Of course, they are being paid with taxpayers’ money so all the ordinary Ghanaian wants to see are results.

But with the police complaining every day about being short of logistics, how can you blame them for underperforming? Was it the fault of the police that they did not have internet access in all those five months to enable them to publish little Blessing’s picture? Of course, it’s not their fault.

Leave them alone.

And why should we blame the police for the fearless display of courage of the kidnapper who broke jail? Did the police ask him not to ‘fear face’? They had done their job by apprehending him so why blame them for the kidnapper’s escape?

And after his re-arrest, did the police ask him to give them wrong leads? No. So why blame them? How can it be the fault of the police force that they did not train their officers enough to perform a polygraph or procure the machine for same?

And oh, there is that recurring problem of political interference. Why should you blame a police officer for releasing a criminal after he received an order from above?

Is it his doing that he did not choose to defy the said order and follow due process? Or you want him to end up like Martin Amidu who got axed by the Atta Mills-led administration [God bless his memory] for sticking to his guts, which he believed is the right thing?

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Why should you blame the police for not summoning Kennedy Agyapong when he allegedly incited the public to attack undercover journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Suale?

Is it their fault that the man is so powerful, or is it their fault that our “they had no legal grounds to do so”?

Almost a year after some unscrupulous policemen attacked an unarmed journalist at the CID headquarters, where he had gone after a riot-like scene to report the news, no justice has been served.

Last we heard, the acclaimed no-nonsense officer, Kofi Boakye who is in charge of the case says the police cannot make any headway with the CCTV camera or was it that there was no CCTV at all? I cannot remember.

So in such a case why do you blame the police for the system allowing them to investigate themselves?

Of course, you can say they should have the conscience to do the right thing even if they themselves are implicated but can you really blame them?

Talking about traffic wardens aka MTTD, well for them I’d rather not talk at all.

How can you blame the police for all these issues, it probably is just too much to ask of them. Leave them alone.

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