Edwinology's Lab: Halloween pastors and holy hooligans

Edwinology's Lab: Halloween pastors and holy hooligans
Source: Ghana|myjoyonline.com|edwin.appiah@myjoyonline.com
Date: 03-01-2019 Time: 12:01:21:pm

When we condemn violence as if we are so surprised it happens, then the only thing that is really condemnable is our surprise. When we act surprised by violence, we are also acting surprised by teenage sex.

Both happen because they are natural.

We were angry when students turned violent. Some were angry when Adenta protesters turned violent and now we are angry that some Muslim youths have become violent.

But on the issues that trigger these irresponsible show of force, our condemnation is often passive.

Yet this is a society where public officials don’t respond to people's petitions and public offices hardly pick calls to hear a grievance.

If we don’t placate people’s petitions or pick calls, people picket and they can pickpocket this country of its peace.

Take our present issue of violence at Owusu-Bempah’s property. We are quick to ask the police to pick up the hooligans but not the holy man who has caused fear and panic.

We know violence is not only physical; it is verbal, emotional, psychological even economic. Let's find one of these to describe the pastor’s outbursts.

Of course, if Owusu-Bempah had declared some 200 more years for the man, the Muslims could jubilate.

And it is for the simple reason that a doctor is allowed to declare a man healthy in the hospital lobby but he must confine the man to a private room if he wants to say you are HIV Positive.

Tactics are the reason why coaches are hired and fired. Ask Jose Mourinho.

The most passionate questions about a man’s life are where he comes from -- his ethnicity, identity --  and where he is going – Heaven, hell or if you like an atheist’s grave.

This is why a son is praised if he beats the hell out of a man who calls his mother a prostitute for this man denigrates where this son comes from – a woman’s womb, perhaps a euphemism for a man’s clan.

And no man will ever compromise his Heaven or paradise. Ask a husband who finds his wife in bed with another man.

These are E-Lab’s underlining understanding of social beings and society. And this understanding is rational and realistic.

These two measures of identity are more important to a man than the law because the law says nothing about these things nor can it say anything.

What the law MUST do at all times is to preserve these identities much the same way it protects people’s properties. And when a man causes fear and panic to another man’s religion, he has vandalised their intangible property.

We must apprehend the man who destroys and we must jail him. But we must not be surprised at him.

E-Lab understands this controversy raises questions about religion and stokes another round of controversy about the existence of God.

But your fake scientist here (E-Lab that is) is not interested in this discussion beyond saying that finding heartbreak in the search for true love is not an excuse to impose celibacy or celebrate promiscuity.

Our democracy is about rights producing results. The right to dignified treatment of students, the right to dignified treatment of another man’s religion are the means to produce the results of peace, order and justice.

Rights are the means to an end. They are not decorations like the jewellery around the neck of some pastors. If the state treats rights as decorations, people will treat properties as fit for destruction.

On a lighter note, Muslims are concerned the actions of the rogues put their faith in a bad light. Christians are concerned the pronouncement puts Christianity in darkness.

Muslims could find comfort at least that they are dealing with bad light, we are dealing with darkness.