Freedom has rather enslaved Ghana’s mindset!!!

Freedom has rather enslaved Ghana’s mindset!!!
Source: Koku Anyidoho |
Date: 10-06-2019 Time: 12:06:28:pm

Sounds weird that, freedom, can turn into a heavier burden than servitude huh? Am sure folks just cannot fathom how anyone would ever dare imagine that freedom can be more difficult to manage than servitude.  

Well, the truth of the matter is that, no matter how weird or absurd it sounds; Freedom is much difficult to manage than servitude. Why?  

Because, when you have the freedom to do anything you want to do, you can be spoilt for choice, and end up making the wrong choices which then ends up making you a slave to your freedom.  

On the other hand, when you are in servitude, you have virtually no choices; the choices are made for you and so you do not have to suffer the burden of having to bother to use your brains to think for yourself.

In other words; the MINDSET when set free, can refuse to exert itself in the right and proper direction. Many human beings, communities, businesses, nations, have been destroyed because of the wrong choices they made as a result of the freedom they had to make to those choices– hence the true burden of freedom.

I am sure people are wondering if Koku Anyidoho is wishing for Ghana to walk back into slavery: far from that.  

However, truth be told, we have allowed our FREEDOM to rather enslave our MINDSET and the nation is dying at a very fast rate.  

I ask; have we not so abused our freedoms that we have now become slaves to our freedom?  

There is so much freedom to do anything and everything we want, so we are now abusing all the freedoms.

Ghana was freed from colonial rule on the 6th of March, 1957; with Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the “REAL BIG SIX” of Ghana, shouting “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom”, with the over excited citizens of the New Ghana, also responding with deafening cheers of, “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom”.

With the shouts of “Freedom, Freedom, Freedom”, on the 6th of March, 1957, where have we reached as a nation with that Freedom?    

So Freedom gave us Independence and gave as a Republican status which made Ghana the shining bright star of Africa. Hip Hip Hip; Hurray!!!

What next after so many years of Independence?

I cannot deny; and neither can any research deny, that, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah gave true meaning to wanting to liberate Ghana and the African Continent and allow us to be masters of our own destinies.  

Other Leaders have also added their bit to nation building but …

Who says that we are lazy?  

Is it not the blood and toil of our ancestors, that helped build America and Europe via the transatlantic slave trade?  

So, if our kith and kin could be “whipped” into building other nations, is it because those of us who did not suffer the brutish slave trade were not “whipped” into building our own nation that is why we have an enslaved Mindset which is fast-destroying us?

Only on the issue of filth; look at how Ghana is shamelessly reeling under the heavy ignominious image of being the second-ranked nation after war-torn Sudan, when it comes to the unacceptable practice of, open defecation.  

How did the shining bright star of Africa, become the second-ranked nation on the African Continent when it comes to open defecation? Such a disgrace!!!

It only has to rain for two to three hours in Accra and the whole capital will be gasping for breath because we have accepted a dangerous mindset that allows people to build indiscriminately in waterways while we all just sit and watch.  

We are under siege because we sit idly by and watch irresponsible people empty their domestic filth (including shit) into the gutters and when the gutters get choked and the city gets flooded, all we do is to shout momentarily and go back to our old ways.  

City authorities do not seem to give a damn about the whimsical manner in which laws are flouted because they themselves are busy conniving with others to break the laws.  

For the records, no community will change itself if human beings within the community do not change their attitude. The nature and character of every society, is a reflection of the mindset of the people who live in it. We have done the wrong things for so long that we now think that the wrong way of doing things is the right way.  

If you stay too long in darkness, you begin to get comfortable in it and mistake the darkness for light.  

Ghana is literally in the deep throes of darkness as far as our growth trajectory is concerned and if we do not speedily turn on the lights, this dear nation of ours will be dead in no time.

How can we grow the nation if we continue to operate with a dead mindset?  If we keep the same mindset which cannot positively affect the destiny of the nation, then our heads are nothing but a burden on our necks.  

Oo yes; if we do not quickly transform our mindset and start doing things properly, then our heads are just being a burden on our necks. The lawlessness is just too much!!!

God gave us the POWER to Subdue and have Dominion over the earth. God did not create nature to have dominion over MAN; yet, that is exactly what is happening in Ghana because we have killed the POWER of the brain and have become Slaves to nature.

God did not create us to maltreat and abuse the environment; he asked us to Replenish and fill the earth.  We have refused to replenish, and we are just busy abusing nature and so nature has gotten very angry and is punishing us ruthlessly.  

Is it not sad that in the past we used to have Town Council hygiene Inspectors who punished persons who flouted the sanitation laws? Today we train hygiene officers and keep them unemployed because there is no room on the government payroll to accommodate them and we are dying under the stinking stench of filth.  

If we have become a nation that revels in funeral ceremonies; why would we not busy killing the soul of the nation with our dead mindset which is moving us steadily towards calamity?

When we allow some jokers wearing all kinds of clownish apparels to be masquerading as Men of God and preaching poverty-laden sermons that do nothing to develop the mindset of their victims, why would the nation not be living with a poverty mindset?  Some of them are preaching dangerous doctrines that have nothing to do with God and the Bible. And we are tolerating all this nonsense in the name of Freedom of Association? Ah!  Ah! Ah!  

As far as I am concerned, the Bible is the Book of Life and the Manual for human existence. The Bible is loaded with all the precepts and concepts for us to live a wealthy and healthy life but we have allowed a few charlatans to make the Bible look like a Manual for poverty and only heavenly happiness. It is as if the poorer and unhappier you are on earth, the more happiness you will enjoy in heaven.  

We are supposed to first live a wealthy, healthy, biblical happy life on earth before we enjoy the everlasting one if we do make it to heaven. Ignorance is allowing people to worship “Religiousity” rather than benefiting from the real life-giving teachings of God and we are destroying the wealth that God gave us to enjoy life, and are wallowing in extreme poverty. Many people are not reading the Bible for their own understanding, and just relying on the false teachings of the jokers who are defiling the name of God.

As I have mentioned time without number, we need an immediate Mindset Transformation to free ourselves from mental slavery and so I was extremely happy when I read in the news recently that some residents of Agogo, in the Ashanti Region, chased away their District Chief Executive (DCE), who had gone to give them some rice and sugar during the just-ended period of the Moslem fasting.  

I salute the people for chasing away the DCE because this is the type of Mindset Revolution that is needed to transform this dear country of ours.

For how long will politicians be taking the electorate for granted and just doling out substanceless freebies while neglecting the real reasons for which they were given the mandate to govern?

You have power, and you do not give the people a decent place to defecate and you keep giving them rice and sugar. After they finishing eating the rice and sugar, where should they go and shit?  

To make matters worse, we have allowed freedom of the press to turn is into slaves of politics where we revel in mastering the art of slugging it out on the airwaves and leaving panellists to radio and TV stations panting for breath not because we have solved a problem, but because the politicians and their sidekicks have succeeded in calling each other names.

As recently as 1994, Rwanda was a near-dead state. Today, Rwanda has become a model state in Africa and the world because of a Revolutionised and Transformed Mindset that has made them walk away from the dark past into a light-filled present.  

In 1994, a reckless call to arms on radio in Kigali was enough to start the genocide that killed over 1 million Hutus and moderate Tutsis 1n 2019, the radio stations in Rwanda are now leading the charge for a Mindset Revolution which is fast-transforming that country.

It is the state of mind of Ghana that has created the current asphyxiating situation in which the nation finds itself and it is only a reversal of this mindset that shall correct the worsening negative situation.

Some of us are not ready to see Mother Ghana die; so the Mindset Transformation Revolution is not about to abate until we successfully rebuild and re-tool the psyche of the nation and get us out of this gloom and doom.

God has already Blessed our Homeland Ghana; it is left to us to wake up from our slumber, and make the nation Great and Strong, bold to defend forever, the course of freedom of right.

And also pray to God, to fill our hearts with true humility and make as cherish FEARLESS HONESTY, so that we will be able to resist any form of “mental” oppression with all our WILL AND MIGHT forevermore.

Shalom to all!

Koku Anyidoho

Founder/President, Atta-Mills Institute.

Vice President, Council of African Political Parties (CAPP).