Food for the soul daily: ‘To thine own self be true’

Food for the soul daily: ‘To thine own self be true’
Source: Ghana | | Akyena Brantuo |
Date: 09-04-2019 Time: 09:04:57:am
Benjamin Akyena Brantuo

‘To thine own self be true’

I am not in a hurry to make or prove a point. I do not need to convince anyone but myself.

I make the standard of my excellence myself because I know my strengths, weaknesses,  goals and history.

But I must be firm not to perform below my abilities. And I must stretch myself to work outside my comfort zone.  I should work within my mandate and allow my history to propel me to do more.

be true

While at my best, I am minded that my best may still be another's least. In fact, it may not attract them at all since they may completely share different orientation or be wired differently.  This is normal because we all have different aspirations.

I am truly satisfied with life and fully fulfilled with my output, even if it remains at the base of society’s marking scheme. 

Tipping off from behind

The boy strayed to the urge of the road, alone for a while unknown to happenings behind him yet tipping off nearly to his death.

We must not only look forward in life but to the back as well.

We must insist life is not just what is ahead of us but happened to us.

tipping off

Merely looking for what is next without basking fully in what was previously attained limit our humanness to nothing but a machine.

The machine, even it has a history, need it for nothing recreational but to still work for what is undone.  But that is not the story of a man, who was created for life.

Life must be enjoyed fully, the present, the past and the future but more of the past.

It is what we had which we truly have, not what we will have.

We had life and still have it, we should be patient to rove through it and enjoy fully.

We should remember what we did, what happened when our hearts were younger, the fond memories, we should relive it over and over again.

We should not just be on the move but dwell also on what we moved. We should be patient and careful to enjoyed it over and over again and again.

military training

Life prepares others to succeed, others to fail.

Like military drills, those who endure the harshest of it are most likely to succeed in battle.

Not so with those who had silver spoons in their mouths growing up. They have not been baked to last or endure pain. They give up at the first sign of trouble and are not ready to persist.

It has been observed that those who come from poor, deprived, hostile environment do well in life. They have been baked to last.

Parents who are in positions to afford the needs of their wards sufficiently should balance that with training them be able to survive in a world of lack and scarcity, where parents may not always be available.

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