K-Del Poetry: Guilty as confessed

K-Del Poetry: Guilty as confessed
Source: Ghana| Korku Delali| YouTube: Korku Delali
Date: 26-09-2019 Time: 06:09:54:am

A white boy was murdered
We don't know why
We don't know how
The killers too
We know not.

But when night came,
The police violently invaded our neighborhood
They nabbed Amaglo, my only brother and I
And the two sons of Kaledzi.

For days,
We were confined in dark rooms
Several miles away from town
Without food nor water
And no one to talk to.

Strokes of canes gave us rise each morning.
We had torturing afternoons
Very severe agonizing moments bade us unrestful nights.

Then, a day came
When the officers acted as though they wanted to assist us.
If we sign a written confession
They would give us something to eat
And allow us to go home.

They wrote it as they thought it happened
And had us put our marks beneath it.

Then in court
With seventeen angry white prejudice jurors
Justice was served.

© Korku Delali