I think communicating State policy and actions with citizens is part of the responsibilities of government. And even more critical is coherent communication. On this particular subject, I have read quotes attributed to K.T. Hammond which, if true, would be very worrying. What other NPP members and government officials have just posted on Facebook, is equally worrying. Is what NPP members and supporters have said on social media and what K.T. Hammond is reported to have said the reason(s) for having soldiers sent to some parts of the Volta, Oti, and other border Regions?

Any political watcher can easily link this action to the upcoming voter registration exercise. And some people can easily understand that, since all our borders remain closed as part of COVID-19 measures introduced under an Executive Instrument. If government believes the only way to enforce the border closure prior to a national voter registration exercise is to use the military to enforce it, government owes it a duty to Ghanaians to clearly state so. Given the record of human rights abuses by Ghana’s military over the years, even under democratic regimes, I can sympathise with people who have anxiety about suddenly seeing armed soldiers patrolling their communities without any prior government communication. Instead of acknowledging this information gap and rectifying it, government officials and party supporters are making comments that rather inflame the situation. This is not good governance. This is more symptomatic of unelected military regimes. And this is unacceptable.

Kwaku Antwi-Boasiako, Accra
June 28, 2019