The Auditor-General, Domelevo, must be commended and supported for his bold and fearlessness in executing his mandate granted him by the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana. 

In fact, he is not answerable to anyone, including the appointing authority. And why must he not make his findings public? Which law debarred him from doing so? 

Just as in the case of his adverse findings on the basis of information provided/denied him by the Ministry of Finance and the Office of the Senior Minister, which resulted in his conclusions that $1 million was paid to Kroll and Associates for no work done, and for which reason he has surcharged the Senior Minister, so too does he have the power to publish and surcharge beneficiaries of GetFund scholarships who should not have benefitted based on the evidence made available to him. It’s as simple as that. 

Those baying for the blood of Domelevo, those plotting all kinds of schemes and plots against him, must know that in the wake of the OccupyGhana case and the ruling by the apex court of the land, the Supreme Court, the power of the Auditor-General to surcharge has been confirmed. 

And unlike the past, the Auditor General doesn’t have to wait for five, four, three, two or one year to hold persons and entities whom his work, based on evidence the same persons/entities provide, shows wrongdoing. 

The days when the Auditor General had to wait for parliament and the public accounts committee to sit, sometimes three to four years after the audit, before action is taken, ended with the Supreme Court verdict on the OccupyGhana case. And that is a good new change in the fight against corruption and the effort to protect the public purse. 

As a member of the public accounts committee of parliament, I find it worrisome and indeed unacceptable for members of the executive, leading members of the ruling NPP, and their members of Parliament, to continue attacking Domelevo for doing his work. Is it because they have a LOT to hide?

Is it not obvious, as I’ve stated many times, that the Nana Addo NPP government has an agenda to intimidate Domelevo and or to get rid of him because he has been bold in doing his work, and has refused to overlook or hide the rot/corruption under the watch of the so-called incorruptible President Nana Akufo-Addo?

Ask yourself, why would such a bold, fearless and straight forward Auditor General determined to fight corruption and or hold public officials/officers accountable be subjected to vicious attacks and plots under the reign of a President claimed by his apologists to be incorruptible? 

All who believe in public accountability must rise to the defence of the Auditor General, Domelevo. His style is what Ghana needs and we must not allow him to be cowed by wrongdoers. 


I remain a citizen. 

Dr Clement Apaak 
M.P, Builsa South and Member of the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament.