Just three months into a pandemic and our world is upside down.  It has taken the pain of a tiny virus to open eyes to the stark reality of the world we live in as it ushers us into a new normal. The life-changing lessons are plenty.

I confess that Covid-19 has definitely opened my eyes in ways never ever imagined.  The axiom, “no condition is permanent” is the foremost lesson this novel virus has opened my eyes to. 

Who would ever have thought that world commercial passenger aircraft, big and small, would all come to a halt? They have been grounded not by volcanic ash plumes or raging storms but by some diminutive, yet deadly virus.  It has put world economies in the reserve mode. Social and economic lives have all frozen. 

New lessons

The new normal visited on us by Covid-19 has taught me the lesson of recording my movements in detail for whenever I step out of the house.  I do so religiously in case the need for contact tracing befalls me in these uncertain times.  My beautiful diary which I had not had much use of this year has suddenly turned useful.

I had never in my life washed my hands with soap under running water for as many as ten times in a day until now.  Working for a fast moving consumer goods company in my active working life, we used to promote our carbolic soap for regular hand washing. 

However, though a loyal ambassador of all the company’s brands, I never committed to religious handwashing with soap under running water as much as this virus has taught humankind. As for carrying hand sanitizer, it has come to stay.

One candid lesson from COVID-19 is to strive to perfect one’s daily house cleaning to ensure absolute cleanliness and safety. That way, one is sure to have all surfaces and knobs well sanitised and coronavirus free.

I have been appreciating the sun even better than before as I strive to boost my immune system. I have stopped moaning and fussing about the heat out there in the sun. These days, I make conscious effort to stroll in the sun for at least 10 minutes each morning because I have learnt that the vitamin D coming directly from the natural source is more potent than the vitamin D supplements one spends on. 

I have learnt without ambiguity that nothing is constant except God. I have learnt to pray a lot more times especially for others, country and the world. With virtual Church services and devotions so well planted these days, I have learnt that time and space is no boundaries to where God can hear one from.


One has learnt to go an extra mile to look out for friends and loved ones since visits and fellowshipping are against the protocols of COVID-19. The new normal has rekindled in me the real meaning of the saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I do miss friends and loved ones but thanks to social media and the internet, the isolation is not too bad as one is enabled to extend social distance hugs and greetings on a daily basis.

Each day, I learn how to use an application on my android phone. I never imagined that internet banking which I had always rejected was going to be so needful in a new normal life. I had dismissed all attempts by my relationship manager in the bank to sign on only for the pandemic to teach me lessons on how to use all those applications or get left behind.

Today, I have learnt to get into the intricacies of video chats with family and friends and join the new order of meeting on Zoom and Webinar. Some time ago, I would have presented strong opposition to online meetings but not any longer. Virtual meetings have become the new normal.

Above all, I have become a convert to foods that grow on trees and plants though not a vegetarian yet. I have learnt that at my age, building a healthy immune system would take me far. It is one of the great assets to have when it comes to fighting any form of viruses and parasites.

Necessity is, indeed, the mother of invention and so, Covid-19 has forced new ways of survival on our world. For as long as one waits for it to peter out, it is ours to discover this new world even better. 

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