The unforgotten ones. Silent and hardly thought about. The news get focused on the infected, the fatally ill, the dead and the survivors but hardly on those who get swamped each day, each hour working tirelessly to save these lives.

The world and particularly, those of us here in Ghana will do well to stop a minute to celebrate all our frontline medical workers, from doctors to nurses, to pharmacists and all ancillary workers in hospitals and clinics both private and public. We need to also applaud our researchers, lab technicians and their assistants at the special laboratories. Indeed, everyone out there, those carrying out the testing and all others from caterers to cleaners in all those medical facilities, we doff our hats for you.

Dedicated personnel

What would one have done without these dedicated medical personnel at these critical times? The coronavirus has taken the world and indeed our nation by surprise. No one saw it coming and even if we did, its fearsome and deadly nature was least anticipated. 

And here we are, with almost the same facilities and the same medical personnel, the limits are being stretched beyond their elasticity to cater for the infected. One is busy and ready to join social media chats on the limited facilities and equipment we have at this point in time. We are busy comparing the number of expensive luxury vehicles we spend money on each year for our political leaders when our key hospitals lack needed life-saving equipment. 

Yes, it is good to draw attention to some of the frivolities in our society so as to prick consciences. However, on the other side of the coin, very few citizens are talking about the sacrifices of the front liners who are receiving and administering care to the infected despite the contagious nature of the virus.

Ferocious virus

Our medical personnel, including those at the research centres, laboratory personnel, cleaners, medical suppliers, and all those in the supply chain are risking their own lives facing a ferocious virus which does not discriminate. The Covid-19 has made our world flat. It is on a rampage invading all countries, communities, families and even the medical fraternity with the acquired knowledge to fight infections and diseases.

Nonetheless, our hard working medical staff in both private and public facilities has committed to dedicate their time and sometimes their private facilities to help save the infected. Sometimes with inadequate protective apparel, they have worked tirelessly and under pressure at the risk of their own safety.  It is time to appreciate them.

Since the first imported case of Covid-19 was announced, our medical team has been on the go ensuring that the virus does not spread needlessly. They have gone neck-deep into curbing the spread of the virus and saving the lives of those who have encountered the deadly virus by one means or the other.

It is a difficult encounter at this point in their careers. But they have come together as one and with their medical knowledge from A to Z, they have invaded each other’s territory to tap into available strengths and capabilities to pull the afflicted out of danger. Their resolve is to ensure that everything works together for the good of humankind.


We salute every paramedic, big or small, who with good hearts still manage a bit of smile at the end of a hard day. We are with those who, due to the highly infectious nature of the virus have become victims in their line of duty. One wishes them good recovery.

The country salutes the professionalism of all our medical personnel in the value chain. No one thought it was going to be that overwhelming but with togetherness and purpose of duty, our proud professionals and their ancillaries have seamlessly worked together for countrymen and women.

Their dedications in these difficult times have happily made a huge difference. News of the thirty odd recoveries from the virus as at the beginning of April is joyful news. We look forward to more good news from this day forward.

From me to everyone, including psychologists, who are in the line of saving the lives and sanity of those who have fallen prey to the ferocious Covid-19, and giving all of us at home health tips to go by, we thank you immensely. A very big social distance hugs for your tireless work. One prays and praises you all without ceasing. Ayekoo!

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