What happened to the kenkey prophecy?

Sikaman politicians are among the world’s most prolific electoral prophets and soothsayers. After a heavy meal of, fufu and palmnut soup the typical Ghanaian presidential aspirant is automatically transfigured into an astrologer. He can read his political future by gazing into the sky with his arms raised, while speaking in political tongues. Even the celebrated magician, Kofi Larteh, has not acquired such skills.

The interesting thing about politics is the fact that it is an avenue for Ghanaman to hallucinate. Many political aspirants have seen themselves as kings, emperors and presidents ten times ever before they even told their wives of their flagbearership ambitions.

Normally, an observant wife would wonder why her husband has suddenly changed his style of walking. The man’s unorthodox choreographical ambulation coupled with the airs with which he carries himself about the home, no doubt preempts the announcement he intends to make to his darling wife. “I am preparing te rule Ghana! If you like mark it on the wall!”

Some wives are cautious when they hear such a statement. Can the bloke be serious? Has he eaten too much of his supper? Isn’t the man simply hallucinating? Will he need psychiatric evaluatien?

Fact is that wives knew their husbands best. It is only wives who are privileged to see the nakedness of kings and princess, and of presidents. Even when a husband is robed and decorated in national and international peps, it is only the wife who knows whether the king is a real man of substance or only a decorated nobody as far as his intelligence quotient is concerned.

It is only the wife who knows whether a political aspirant merits a presidential ambition and would ordinarily caution against danger ahead if the husband starts day-dreaming and exhibiting a strange presidential gait.
It is, however, true that some wives either over-value or under-value the collateral worthiness of their husbands. In either case, the husband is misled. A wife would nag her husband to abandon his presidential dreams and think about something more befitting. Others will urge the bloke on. After all a holy spirit filled pastor will pray for him to win.

Some wives erroneously think that when their husbands are good in bed, it means they are good everywhere. But do we blame the women? After all, doesn’t every man’s ambition begin from the marital bed? That is where your wife will urge you on or discourage you after a sex encounter, during which she is likely to misconstrue your lack of bed-power for political ineptitude. If you cannot perform in your own bed, why worry yourself out there? Logical illogicality!