Oriens School Complex, one of the leading basic schools in Ngleshie Amanfrom in the Ga South Municipality during recently held a career counselling and guidance fair for the children at the school’s premise at American Farm.

The event, which was in its 2nd edition, saw the children dressed in various professional uniforms based on which profession each child wants practice in future.

The school invited some professionals to the program to interacte with the children .

Those who chose to be doctors and nurses dominated the program in which the school authority took them to American Community Farm Community Clinic to offer the children the opportunity have an insight into how doctors and nurses work.

However those who wore police uniform were sent to a nearby police post to familiarise themselves on the role police personnel play in our communities.

The children were received by the  Founder of the clinic Dr Kwabena Appiah.

Dr Appiah commended the school authority for introducing a program which exposes school children to an environment that will inspire them to build their future career.

He therefore appealed to parents and guardians not to profession for their wards but to  allow the children to choose what they are very good at.

Doctor Appiah urged parents of the school to support the school authority to sustain the program which according to him will inspire the children to focus on what they want to do in future.

On his part the Head Teacher of the school Mr Maclean Mensah thanked the management of the clinic for the opportunity given to them.

Mr Mensah said the program was introduced to guide the children to appreciate the profession of their choice.

According to him the school places high premium on child development and therefore has in place various activities that help the children to discover their hidden talents.