Mother of the 9-year-old Oswald who wrote a letter to remind her of the things to bring during ‘Our Day’ has opened up on why her son mentioned one Mrs Appiah in the letter.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Friday, Rita Gennuh stated that Mrs Appiah is a great teacher who has played a significant role in the upbringing of her son.

“Mrs Appiah is Oswald’s favourite teacher; I have to give thumbs up to her because she’s really helped him to settle in school,” she said.

In what seems to be a passionate appeal to his mother in fulfillment of a commitment to pass his examinations, nine-year-old Oswald asked that she keeps her end of the bargain by providing his needs on Friday, beginning with a “big Coke for Mrs Appiah.”

‘Things to bring on Our Day’ was the title of the list written in pencil and dated July 29.

Asked by host Kojo Yankson who Mrs Appiah is and why she was getting a coke, Oswald’s mum explained that Mrs Appiah mentored her son.

On why Oswald had to remind her with a list, she explained that her son had adopted that mode since she had a habit of telling him that she had forgotten when he made certain requests.

“Oswald is very specific when he wants things, and also, I have a habit of telling him ‘I have forgotten’ anytime he asks for certain things.

“I kept doing that for some time, and now anytime he wants something, he would write it. So when I come back to tell him that I have forgotten, then he pulls the paper up that ‘Mummy he wrote it,” she said.