The Overlord of Dagbon, Ya-Na Abukari II has appealed for speedy work on the $30 million Yendi Water Project to meet the 30-month deadline originally announced by government.

According to the Overlord, the Yendi township has in recent months suffered a severe water crisis which has complicated the lives of the residents.

The Ya-Na who made the appeal when the Indian High Commissioner to Ghana, Sugandh Rajaram paid a courtesy call on him, said further delay in the execution of the project will worsen the suffering of the people.

“Your Excellency, due to the severe water crisis that hit Yendi a few months ago, I wish to use this opportunity to encourage the various stakeholders in the project to consciously work towards meeting the completion deadline which was set for 30 months,” Ya-Na said.

The project which is been funded by Indian Exim Bank and executed by WAPCOS, an Indian Civil Engineering Company when completed is expected to bring relief to the people of Yendi and its environs.

Overlord of Dagbon appeals for speedy work on water project in Yendi

President Akufo-Addo, in July 2020, cut sod for the construction of the Yendi Water Supply Project.

But after a year on, residents said they are yet to see the commencement of work, hence, their doubt about government’s sincerity.

The Ya-Na called for more collaboration and investment between the people of the Northern Region and India especially in businesses that would create jobs for the youth.

The Member of Parliament for Yendi Farouk Aliu Mahama who was part of the delegation assured the Yaa Naa the water project is on and government is committed to ensuring that there is a lasting solution to the Yendi water crisis.

He said as Member of Parliament for the area he has begun sinking hundred boreholes of which 30 are set to be commissioned next week.

Overlord of Dagbon appeals for speedy work on water project in Yendi

The Indian High Commissioner Sugandh Rajaram, on his part, said the two countries have a long-standing working relationship.

He said his visit to the region was to afford him the opportunity to engage with the various stakeholders in the education, tourism, political and business groups and to dialogue on how the two countries can benefit from their effective collaboration.

His Excellency Sugandh Rajaram said there were various areas India was contributing meaningfully to the national development of Ghana.
He expressed hope that his six-day tour of the northern region will expose him to the region’s business highway where Indian businesses can engage their counterpart in the region especially in the areas of small and medium enterprise.
The High Commissioner added that they will also look forward to working with the people in the areas of agriculture, health and education.

He said the government of India through Exim Bank was working on the Yendi water project and his visit was to afford him the opportunity to see at first hand the state of work

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