This week’s episode of Malta Guinness’s new TV show, The Maltavator Challenge, was packed with energy and excitement when it hit the airwaves across Ghana. 

The Maltavator Challenge TV show has been developed to celebrate the can-do attitude of Ghanaians who use their positive attitude and mental agility to turn goodness into greatness every day.

Hosted by Ghanaian Berla Mundi and Nigerian funny man Bovi, viewers were able to see the latest eight contestants demonstrate their brains and brawn in a series of physical and mental challenges.

Action-packed to the max, this week’s show saw eight contestants from four countries battling it out for a place in the next round and a chance to win the grand prize of $20,000.

Each week for the first five shows, its teammate v teammate, as two contestants from Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Ethiopia take on the Maltavator, testing their physical and mental strength against the clock; before going head to head in a jousting challenge, and finishing up by seeing who could make it up and down the Malta Volcano in the fastest time. 

The fastest five contestants from each country will make it through to the next round, so there is everything to play for.

It was the battle of the boys for Ghana this week as fitness trainer and bodybuilder, Samuel Boanerges took on cross fit enthusiast and sports leader, Oliver Puman.

It was a case of every sportsman for himself as Samuel and Oliver gave it everything in the Maltavator. 

Oliver’s light-footed legs gave him an early lead, which he held on to tight to make sure he finished ahead of Samuel.  There was no more Mr Nice Guy when the guys took each other on at the jousting challenge. 

They were both going for it but managed to keep stable on the pedestals for the full 60 seconds.

The final challenge was the race up and down the Malta Volcano and there was no question that both boys were going to be fast during this section. Samuel was full of energy as he sprinted up the side of the volcano before emerging from the tunnel on the way down. And Oliver showed impressive uphill speed as he raced up and down.

Oliver may have finished just ahead of Samuel, but they both gave it their all over the high-intensity challenges and will now wait and see if their times are fast enough to send them into the next round. 

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It is still all to play for in the Maltavator Challenge, so tune in next week and make sure you catch all the action or check out the repeat broadcast:


JOY PRIME – 18:30


PLANET TV (DSTV + GO TV) – 17:00


PLANET TV (DSTV + GO TV) – 16:30


PLANET TV (DSTV + GO TV) – 18:30