On May 25, citizens of Africa will be celebrating a continent with endless potentials. As an icing on the cake, citizens of a global and leading community of influential graduates from the Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM) will be having what promises to be an exciting and fun-packed Day Out.

“An event that comes with priceless chances to meet, network, seize opportunities, rejuvenate and re-live those good-old-days experiences worth sharing. This event is open to all (members and non-members of the PGSM-Ghana Alumni Association) and comes with a perfect blend of fun, opportunities and value,” statement from the Alumni said.

It’s going to be a time well spent at the exciting Bojo Beach, a memory bent on lingering for a while, and a day capable of positively influencing your life, business and/or career, the statement added.

According to the statement, there will also be an info-center available for free admissions and advisory support for potential students or interested people looking at enrolling into the prestigious Paris Graduate School of Management.