The Head pastor of the Grace Divine Ministry at Juaso in the Asante Akim South District in the Ashanti region has been dismissed for failure to attend the funeral of the father of a colleague minister and using church funds for the construction of mission house.
 Reverend Dr. Ernest Adu, 38, is also being accused of his failure to turn up at a 3-day retreat organized by his church.
He was handed a dismissal letter when he failed to pay an amount of 1,300 Ghana cedis, meant for headquarters of the church after the end of a one week ultimatum ordering him by Chairman of the church.
Rev .Dr. Adu who appeared on Nhyira Fm’s flagship evening program, 'Wiase Mu Nsem' on Wednesday described the action of the church as illegal and violation of his human rights.
He emotionally explained how the Area head, Apostle Peter Kusi who accused him of stealing his mobile phone conducted body search on him in the full glare of church members during a Sunday service.
Pastor Ernest has no funds to hire the services of a lawyer who demanded Gh 2,200 to pursue the matter in court.
This means he goes home empty-handed despite an 8-year meritorious service to the church as minister because Chairman of the church, Apostle Brefo Nnubing announced no compensation or allowance would be paid to him after ordering his dismissal and a freeze on his salary.
According to him, Rev .Dr. Adu has since the beginning of 2008 behaved contrary to regulations of the church which include failure to attend and contribute towards a colleague minister’s father funeral, failure to attend a 3-day retreat and also hauling insults on him the chairman who employed him in 2006.
General Secretary, Nana Yaw Agyemang in a letter dated January 17, 2014 and signed for National Chairman announcing termination of his contract read “your gross insubordinations to the high office of the ministry and your refusal to comply with the ethics and the directives of the executive council of the above ministry, has been taken note of”.
Apostle Nubeng did not only defend the action of the church, but also accused the embattled man of God of conniving with church elders at Obogu to sell five plots of land belonging to the church, an accusation Rev .Dr. Adu has denied.
The accusations continued:
“Your refusal to allow your local assembly to pay the amount given to your branch during the demise of the biological father of Rev. Stephen Mensah, the branch pastor of the ministry at Adeiso”
‘Your refusal to remit the National Headquarters what was due her, despite various interventions employed to retrieve the said money, during the 2013 Annual Harvest and Thanksgiving Service held at your local”
“Your refusal to attend National Pastors’ Conference slated for the 15th-16th of January, 2014. Even though, it was held at your station and national resources were used to notify you of the impending conference.”
Rev. Adu claimed church elders unilaterally agreed to use money meant for the headquarters to roof a mission house at Juaso whilst he was away in Kumasi for a workshop.
He believes his insistence on right thing being done on Biblical principle and his decision to enroll in a doctorate degree might have created enemies among colleague ministers.


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