The General Superintendent of Assemblies of God, Ghana, Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong Manso, has urged pastors and preachers of the Gospel to use the local dialect in preaching the word of God.

He said preaching in the local dialect of the people would enable the congregation to better understand and appreciate the word of God.

He said when the gospel was preached in English language, which he described as a foreign language, the meaning did not come so easily to the congregation, “but when preached in their local languages the people relate much more easily with the message”.

He said Apostles such as John was successful because they ministered by using the mother tongue of the people, adding, “John did not write in classical Greek but “Koine Greek, which was the simplest form of the language”.

Prof. Frimpong Manso said this when he delivered his sermon at the Holy Ghost Worship Centre, Ashaiman, Jericho.

He noted that some churches such as the Church of Pentecost and Evangelical Presbyterian Church have succeeded in propagating the gospel to their localities through the use of the local dialect.

He explained that it was important to always use a language familiar with the locality in preaching the word of God for a better understanding of the people.

“When you use a language the people understand in preaching the word of God, the congregation associate themselves with the word and are able to grow in it,” he said.

He said people practically listened and understood better when information is communicated to them in their local language and the preaching or teaching of the word of God was not different.

He noted that by so doing, both the literate and illiterate could find their space to worship and serve in the Church without any language barrier.