Abor Senior High School in the Volta Region has grabbed the Gari Soakings Competition at the Joy FM Skuuls Reunion, Saturday.

This is the second time the Aborsco team has stamped its authority in the competition. The school won the same competition in 2015.

In a replay of how high school students enjoy the food which is a mixture of Gari, sugar, groundnut, milk and water, the two Aborscans who represented the school emptied the bowl full of the dish before the stop bell was sounded.

Aborsco team

In a show of victory, the Aborscans walked heavily and noisily on the stage, mocking their competitors who failed to put up a good competition.

They walked home with two boxes of Ideal Milk and other souvenirs donated by Nestle Ghana Limited for the segment.

Joy FM Skuuls Reunion has been sponsored by Busy4G.