Winner of the maiden edition of the Joy FM and African Fashion Fund (AFF) project, Chocolate Clothing left patrons of the sustainable fashion session of the Change Now Summit in Paris in awe of his craft.

The summit took place at Station F with over 200 fashion designers and enthusiasts in attendance.

Chocolate by Kwaku Bediako was one of the privileged speakers at the summit. 

He took the opportunity to speak about African fashion, his brand – Chocolate Clothing – in the company of the founder of the African Fashion Fund, Roberta Annan.

“It feels good to be here. We are definitely ready for the market in France. We are ready for the world. We are actually putting Africa and Ghana for the matter, on the map. There is a lot of prospects,” Chocolate told MzGee as patrons throng his stand at Station F.

Founder of AFF, Roberta Annan believes Chocolate’s participation at the change summit serves as an opportunity to redefine African fashion.

“It is really a great opportunity for us because when you talk about sustainable fashion, you cannot leave out Africa or African fashion designers because we are in the position to actually redefine what sustainable fashion is,” she said.

Representative of Joy FM, producer of Drive Time on Joy, Edem Knight Tay noted the excitement, the warm reception and patronage Chocolate received during his exhibition.

In September, Joy FM, in partnership with African Fashion Fund, set out to find a designer who will project African fashion positively at the Paris Fashion Week.

With the hashtag #TailoredAfricanFashion2018, over 200 designers applied for the reward through social media. Applicants were shortlisted to 10. 

These 10 namely; Abrantie, Avonsige, Meg signature, Esowba Couture, Kofi Akotuah, Sante Trends, Chevelle, Tapaz trends, Jae GH, Chocolate by Kwaku Bediako took turns to display their designs to judges Lexis Bill, Amina Kwei and another representative from the French embassy.

After rounds of questioning, Chocolate clothing was adjudged, winner.