Patrons of the Easter edition of the Luv FM Family Party in the park left with pleasant memories as there was a lot to see and do at the event grounds. 

This year’s edition was another opportunity for busy parents and guardians to spend quality time with their children.

The event enabled families to renew and foster close family ties and also provided the perfect platform for families to make new friends.

The Golden Tulip Gardens venue saw over a thousand patrons as families shared memorable moments in a fun-filled outing.

Organised by Luv FM, it brought together families across the length and breadth of the Ashanti Regional capital for a healthy dose of family fun, good music, food and wide variety of games and activities.


On the day, families exchanged exciting activities including musical chairs, cooking challenge, treasure hunt, dance competition and a host of others fun contest.

Children, as usual, had the better of the package, making the best of the bouncy castles, electric trains, trampoline, horse riding and magic chairs, among others.

There was a live band which provided solace for adults who danced, nodded, tapped their feet to a rendition of tunes of their favourite artistes, both local and foreign.