President Akufo-Addo in his mandate as the Chairman of ECOWAS is currently in Guinea to dialogue with the country’s military leaders over the recent coup.

The talk, he said is centred largely on the fate of President Alpha Conde who has been detained since the military led by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya took over on September 5, this year.

His visit follows an ECOWAS Summit held in Accra on Thursday to discuss how democratic governance can be restored in Guinea.

Already, ECOWAS has ordered a swift return to constitutional order, asking the military rulers to fix presidential and legislative elections within six months.

Also, travel and financial sanctions have been imposed on members of the junta and their families.

Today on Newsfile, host, Samson Lardy and his panelists discussed the military takeover, ECOWAS intervention and matters arising.

Meanwhile, the Executive Council of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has terminated the appointment of Black Stars coach, Charles Akonnor and his two assistants.

CK Akonnor in response thanked the President, GFA and the public for the opportunity to serve.

According to information gathered by Joy Sports, 67-year-old Milovan Rajevac is leading the race to replace CK Akonnor as Black Stars coach.

The show also delved into the fate of the Black Stars as well as the 2021 Bar conference that noted that the Ghana Bar Association has lost its voice in influencing national issues.

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