The Inspector-General of Police, George Akuffo Dampare has declared his intention to transform the Ghana Police Service from an infamous institution to one deserving of respect.

According to him, he understands that almost every Ghanaian from all walks of life has had at least one unpleasant encounter with the Police Service, a situation he describes as rather unfortunate.

He explained that he has made it a goal to transform the Police Service. He thus urged the citizenry to forgive and forget the past ills of the Service and join him as he charts a new path forward.

Speaking at the 5th Volta Trade Investment Fair 2021, Young Entrepreneurs Breakfast Meeting in Ho, on Friday, he stated that with the support of Ghanaians, the Police Service would become a reference point for the rest of Africa and beyond.

“We know that not all the stories are pleasant, so we want to give you assurance that we’re charting a new path. And that path that we are going for, we want to be the most respected institution in the country and a reference point for the rest of Africa and beyond.

“We know we can do it because we have the will and whenever there is a will there will be a way. We, therefore, want to plead with you not to judge us by our history, we’re leaving that chapter closed and in fact, we’ll look at it more of a book than a chapter.

“So that book is withdrawn from the shelf and we’re replacing it with a new one. A book that will bring us to a level that all of you will know that yes Ghana Police Service has arrived at a destination where you yourself will be proud of and we promise you that,” he said.

He stressed that the strides of the Police Service since he assumed office, which has garnered nationwide praise, is not solely his doing, but rather the collective effort of all his colleagues.

“I want to assure you that it is not about me, it is about my colleagues at the management level and across the country at all ranks. They have given me that support and cooperation for us to think together and work together to change the paradigm of the Police in this country,” he said.

The Volta Trade and Investment fair was launched by the Volta Regional Minister, Dr. Archibald Letsa with an invitation to the private sector to play a leading role to make the gathering a turning point for economic buoyancy.

Dr. Letsa said “rigorous” industrialisation remained key to Volta’s progress, and that the government was looking to partner with the private sector to place the region on a productive end.

“Together we can improve trade and industrialise this region,” he said, adding that the private sector would be united as a production unit of the Region.

The two-week fair is on the theme “Promoting Sustainable Trade and Investment” with a focus on agribusiness, tourism, and ICT and would run from November 15 to the 28 at the Ho Sports stadium, and is expected to attract some 500 exhibitors and over 8,000 visitors.

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