Re: Gov't is still considering plans to buy property for Oslo chancery

Re: Gov't is still considering plans to buy property for Oslo chancery
Source: Ghana |
Date: 06-08-2019 Time: 10:08:16:pm

The attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has been drawn to a publication on headlined ‘Government is still considering plans to buy Oslo chancery property.’ 

The same publication has appeared on Ghanaweb. 

The Ministry will like to state that the headline is false. The Hon. Foreign Minister never made any such comment. 

However a Joy News reporter who only gave his name as Ernest asked a follow up question enquiring about future plans to acquire a chancery in that country and the Hon. Minister explained as follows: 

"We have opened a Mission in Oslo, we have an Ambassador- resident, we have the full complement of staff in Oslo. There is definitely the need for us to buy a property because it is a very expensive city. Norway is a very expensive country therefore there is a need for us to buy than rent. Embassies in the area are paying forty-five thousand Euros (Euros 45,000) a month just for a chancery and we can't sustain that. For now, the Ambassador is in a rented one-bedroom apartment, the chancery is in an office block and officers are working from there but subsequently I think the decision will be made to purchase and we're working towards that". 

The Ministry is still considering buying a property in order to avoid paying excessive rents which will not be financially sustainable. Yet the publication creates the impression that the Hon. Minister's statement refers to the same building. 

The Ministry expects that the above explanation will replace the false claims in that publication and that it would be given the same prominence as the original story.