PolyTank, the country’s leading producer of water tanks and sanitation storage products, has through its mother company – Mohinani Group, has donated 10 pieces of 10,000-litre water tanks to the Covid-19 Fund.

The tanks which were presented by the Mohinani team on behalf of management at the premises of the Sanitation Ministry on Friday noted that the donation is in a bid to fight against Covid-19.

The donation was also to emphasise the company’s key objectives of giving back to society and maintain outstanding public education on hygiene.

The products which were received by Patrick Yaw Boamah, the Deputy Sanitation Minister of Water & Sanitation and Michael Yaw Gyato.

On behalf of the Ministry, he said the products will go a long way to support the effort by government to contain the virus.

He thanked the management of Mohinani Group for their benevolence and assured them of the effective use of the items.  

PolyTank donates 10 pieces of 10,000-litre water tanks to Covid-19 Fund

During the lockdown, PolyTank also provided sanitation stations and cash donation to government through the Association of Ghana Industries.

The company has remained consistent in championing the cause for proper sanitation, waste management and recycling.

With increasing readiness to provide a lasting solution to sanitation problems and championing a good cause in environmentally related issues, PolyTank is encouraging all to practice proper handwashing as well as use PPE’s.

The brand PolyTank (water tank), is the oldest and has the largest overhead water storage tank in Ghana.

The brand has tackled poor water storage system in Ghana and West Africa since 1992 and continues to use pioneering technology to constantly upgrade its product quality and design.

With over 26 years in storage tank manufacturing, PolyTank has stood the test of time, remaining unwavering in its service delivery as well as maintenance culture.

Through consistent and excellent customer service, PolyTank has differentiated itself from other water reservoirs with an influence on brand visibility and ever-increasing brand loyalty.

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