Pope John Seminary and Senior High lived up to expectation on Tuesday and recorded a resounding victory to book a qualification to the prelims of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ).

The Koforidua local champions scored 50 points, beating the closest competitor, Presby SHS in Mampong by 28 points.

Salvation Army SHS followed suit with 17 points. Klo-Agogo SHS and St. Fedelis trailed in the contest and finished with nine and two points each.

In a different contest, Asamankese SHS won with 31 points two points better than runners’ up, Boso SHTS.

Congratulations Asamankese SHS for winning the contest.#NSMQ2019Regionals #NSMQ2019 pic.twitter.com/BbuoLeSIIf

— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) 19 March 2019

St. Martins SHS followed closely with 24 points. The rest of the contestants failed to put up a fierce fight and ended up with single digit points only.

Presby SHTS, Larteh got 9 points, Anum Apapam Community SHS, salvaged 5 points and Presby SHTS, Aburi walking home with 4 points. 

Saviour SHS picked the last slot for the day with 25 points. They usurped Oyoko Methodist SHS who led the contest for most rounds.

Congratulations Saviour SHS for qualifying to the Nationals#NSMQ2019Regionals #NSMQ2019 pic.twitter.com/XwaJ2RpALN

— NSMQ Ghana (@NSMQGhana) 19 March 2019

Oyoko Methodist was runners’ up finished with 20 points. Akroso SHTS and Oda SHS ended the contest with 11 and 8 points respectively.


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