President of the Polytechnic Teachers Association of Ghana says government has made no attempt to negotiate a settlement with the striking lecturers who are demanding unpaid book and research allowances.

"Since the strike there has not been any straightforward negotiation towards the payment of the book and research allowance," James Dugrah told in an interview.

He added, POTAG is not demanding that the arrears be paid in full before they return to the classroom.

All they are asking for is to see some commitment and concrete steps by government to pay the allowance, Dugrah indicated.

Polytechnic education in the country has grounded to a halt as the POTAG strike  enters its third month.

All the polytechnic institutions have been shut down as a result.

The Labour Commission described the strike as illegal and proceeded to court to force the lecturers to return to work.

But the court ruled in favour of the Polytechnic lecturers and called for an arbitration to resolve the matter.

Several weeks after the court ruling, Dugrah said no attempt has been made to resolve the matter.

But the Education Ministry says the comments by POTAG are untrue.

Public Relations Officer of the Ministry Paul Krampah told they are currently before an independent, arbitrator, whose name he refused to mention.

He said there was supposed to be a meeting last week but POTAG refused to turn up.

Another meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday), he noted.



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