An opposition Pressure Group is blaming President John Mills for the near civil war situation in Ivory Coast.

The Progressive Nationalist Forum believes the isolationist approach by President John Mills has emboldened Laurent Gbagbo to hold on to power and visit terror on the Ivorian citizens with careless abandon.

President Mills in answering a question from a Ghanaian journalist on the Ivorian stand-off and what his government is doing, noted he is guided by a principle of “dze wu fie asem” which literally means mind your own business.

He said Ghana’s military personnel have been overstretched making it impossible for Ghana to contribute personnel for ECOWAS to embark on a military action in Ivory Coast in the event the sub-regional body decides to activate the military action as the last resort.

This position according to the PNF is to blame for the escalation of violence in the troubled West African Country.

A spokesperson of the group Richard Nyama told Joy News Gbagbo is now on the offensive because he believes Ghana is on his side.

He said Mills’ comments have also crippled any intended action by the sub-regional body.

According to him, if Mills had kept his promise with ECOWAS the situation in Ivory Coast would have been curtailed.

But government has debunked the claims.

Deputy Information Minister Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa described the comments as unfortunate – one that could pose security threat not only to Ghanaians in Ivory Coast but Ghana’s economic interests.

He said to create an erroneous impression that the Ghana government is backing one of the factions in the conflict has dire consequences and must not be entertained.

He said the crisis in Ivory Coast is very sensitive, adding the situation could have been worse if the military action by ECOWAS was activated.

Security Analyst at the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Centre Dr Kwasi Aning also described the comments by the PNF as one lacking the understanding of the nuances of the Ivorian crisis.

He said the Ghana government cannot be held responsible for the crisis in Ivory Coast.

He blamed the ECOWAS for hastily pointing to a military action, saying, such an action will not solve the problem.

He advocated for a third party mediation which will allow Gbagbo a safe passage out of Ivory Coast.

Story by Nathan Gadugah/