The Management of the Kumasi Central Prisons has started investigations into a case in which a prison officer is being accused of attempted rape.

Afia Adomah, 30, a native of Tepa in the Ashanti Region, has accused Lance Corporal Adomako Blange of trying to rape her in a hotel room.

She alleged that she struggled before she was able to free herself from the Prison officer who was bent on satis­fying his libido.

The case was brought to light through the investiga­tive work of 'Saman Secret Services.'

The Ashanti Regional PRO, Prisons Service, ASP James Annang, confirmed on Kessben FM – a Kumasi- based radio station – that the matter was being investigat­ed by his outfit.

He however, stated that it was too early to draw con­clusions on the "dicey" case.

Adomah said on Kessben FM that she visited her fiancee, Kofi Fofie, who is serving a jail term at the Kumasi Prisons, recently.

She said Lance Corporal Adomako, who was in mufti, asked where she came from and who sh was visiting. She explained to her the purpose of her visit.

She claimed that Lance Corporal Adomako Blange described Kofi Fofie as a "nice person" who usually repairs the footwear of the prison officers.

Lance Corporal Ado­mako then told Adomah to follow him (Adomako) to his house so that whenever she wants help for her jailed fiancee, she could come there.

Adomah said instead of taking her to his house, the officer took her to a guest house for a short interaction.

When they entered the room, she alleged, the prison officer locked the door and threw the keys under the bed.

She said Lance Corporal Adomako told her that he wanted to have sex with her. She resisted and struggled on the bed with the Lance Corporal. The bed collapsed. 

According to her, she reported the matter to the authorities at the Kumasi Central Prisons and was waiting for an action to be taken against the prison offi­cer.

Commenting on the issue, ASP James Annang said his outfit was not treat­ing the matter with kid's glove since it involves rape, which is a criminal offence.

He said Lance Corporal Adomako Blange used to work at the Kumasi Central Prison but he had been transferred about one month ago.

ASP Annang noted that it was too early to draw con­clusion since the victim said that the alleged rapist was in mufti.

He said Lance Corpofal Adomako would be invited to Kumasi to assist in investi­gations, adding that he would not be spared if he was found palpable. .