According to the Ghana Education Service (GES), public education and sensitization of parents, candidates and teachers on this year’s guidelines for school selection into Senior High Schools (SHS) will commence today September 1.

The GES further stated that the exercise will be carried out “in all the respective Regional, District Education Directorates and schools.”

They added that, “Management wishes to inform the stakeholders to watch out for infographics, short videos in nine Ghanaian languages, flyers and physical presence of officers in all schools to embark on the sensitization drive.”

The selection of schools will begin on Monday September 21 and end on October 31.

The GES has advised parents and guardians to take keen interest and be involved in the school selection processes in order for their wards to have seamless placement this year.

Candidates will also be given the opportunity to confirm their choice of school by texting to a short code before actual placement is done.

“Details of the short code will be made available in due course,” the statement read.