Ranking Member of Foreign Affairs Committee, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa says the current arrangement of arms of government does not build public confidence.

Speaking on PM Express on Monday, July 12, he called the current arrangement whereby the arms of government approves or does favours for the others with the expectation to return a favour when needed as an untidy arrangement.

“You see the current arrangement, if you are expecting the Executive to approve yours, then you better makes his good.. and then you have the President also approving that of the judiciary and one wonders, should the president even be getting involved in conditions of service for the judiciary where there should be a separation of powers and all of that,” he said.

Mr Ablakwa called for the emulation of the independent body as done by the United Kingdom to remove politicians from the process which does not guarantee public confidence.

“Initially they [UK] had something similar to what we have where Parliament is approving fr Executive, Executive is approving for Parliament and there is no proper public confidence in the process, it learned itself to abuse so this time, they said that look the politicians will stay away and everybody welcomed it

“So now you have the Independent Parliamentary Standard Authority (IPSA) that is determining the conditions of service of politicians in the United Kingdom …I think that is what I think we should move towards so that it is an independent body,” he added.

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