The Jerry John Rawlings Foundation, in collaboration with the Achimota School and the Forestry Commission is organising a tree-planting exercise at the Achimota School to mark the 74th birthday of the late President of Ghana.

A statement issued by the Foundation said, the trees will be planted at late former President Rawlings’ alma mater to raise awareness of the collective responsibility in protecting and preserving our environment – ideals that were very dear to the heart of J.J. Rawlings.

The Foundation also said the choice of venue is also to highlight the need for the younger generation to understand the role as guardians of nature.

It also aims to empower students to take ownership of the campaign to preserve and protect our environment, one tree at a time.

Rawlings Foundation, Achimota School and Forestry Commission plant trees to mark Rawlings' 74th birthday

“The J.J. Rawlings Foundation is very grateful to the Forestry Commission for its kind support of this project which is in furtherance of the Greening Ghana campaign which took off on 11th June, 2021. The JJR Foundation is also grateful to Achimota School for partnering the project and helping to immortalize the legacy of one of its illustrious sons.

“As we remember this proud and charismatic son of Ghana, we conclude with this profound statement he made in 2013.

“I have always derived so much comfort and serenity from [Mother Nature]. The loyalty, trust and integrity of Mother Nature has never been in doubt….If I could live my life again and again, I would still spend it trying to protect her.”

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