1. Zeb is the hero of the story. Do you agree? Why do you say so?

2. What did you learn from the story?

3. How useful were the crows in the story?

4. How did the preacher plan to rescue Zeb and Joseph?

5. Who was your favorite character and why?

6. The introductory sentence of the story is a flashback. What is a flashback?

7. The narrator was not happy about one particular adult behavior. What was it?

8. Why did the security men call off their search after surrounding the Koppie for three extra days?

9. How was the rescue of Joseph and Zeb completed?

10. What did the narrator mean by the expression‘I couldn’t help catching my breath‘

11. How is the adage:One Good Turn Deserves Anotherdepicted in the story?

12. …….Amai, swinging her hoe like a flyswatter. What figure of speechhas been used here?

13. Describe the most frightening moment in the story.

14. Suggest a suitable title you could have given to the text.

15. Find a word or phrase which mean the same as each of the following words used in the passage:

i. Strutted
ii. Taunting
iii. Defiantly
iv. Bared
v. Panic