“The eyes of the world are fixated on Ghana because the December 7 elections hold immense importance to the continent.” 

That is a statement attributed to Dr Mohammed Ibn Chambas, Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS), and also the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative.

And yes indeed, Dr. Ibn Chambas, a great son of this land could not have said it better. 

The elections happening in some 48 hours from today is of importance not to the world alone but it is also of greater importance to us as citizens of the land. 

It is momentous for us because we are keen to see our democracy continue to thrive and even more in a stable and peaceful environment where progress and development is not to be bargained. 

There is everything to show that the people of Ghana value the forthcoming elections where as discerning as the electorate has become, we are casting our votes based more on issues.

Voter registration/special voting

Any wonder therefore that in the midst of a raging COVID-19, the Electoral Commission (EC) successfully registered over 16 million Ghanaians in the electoral register during the recent voter registration exercise.  Out of this number, we were told that the EC recorded the highest number of first time voters in recent times.

Further to that and to confirm how much the elections are of great value to the citizens, the EC has confirmed that the special voting exercise of Monday, November 30, 2020, went well.  

Even though the EC was expecting 100 per cent turnout, they recorded 82 per cent turnout which has been described in other quarters as quite healthy and encouraging.

Yes, the stakes are very high and even with COVID-19 still hanging tight around our neck; many are determined not to sit at home but make a move and come out and exercise their franchise on Monday.

In 48 hours, the die will be cast.  The much-awaited election 2020 will be here. Ghanaians will definitely make informed decisions, with the overflow of information out there, in selecting who takes our country forward having weighed and sifted through the myriad of issues, the propaganda and all the other information laid bare before the people over the last few months.


But the people’s decision will not impact their lives if they are not going to experience peace and tranquility before or after Monday.    The key stakeholder in the elections, the EC has up to this point proved to us citizens that they are on course to deliver peaceful and credible elections.

So far, they have done a good job at that.  If all goes according to plan, then, one should expect their final best on the big day to give Ghana one of the best ever credible elections that the country has ever had since the beginning of this Fourth Republic. 

Once the election is credible, peace is expected to prevail.  Peace is one of the most valuable assets any country can wish for.  Even in our small homes, communities and work places, without peace and tranquility, nothing works.  Without peace in the home, happiness eludes the inhabitants, they begin to have insomnia, and their health goes down as worries escalate.

We are depending on our security services to police our peace and work to preserve the sanctity of Monday’s voting across the length and breadth of the country. 

May peace not elude Ghanaians in 48 hours’ time as we go to cast our votes.  May we all, as one nation with a common destiny, remember on Monday that it is our turn to select individuals who are going to lead us to continue with the work that our fore-fathers fought to save for us. 

When Monday comes, it is the civic and indeed, the moral duty of every eligible Ghanaian voter to go and cast their vote.  When that secret balloting is done, it is for us to go home and relax till the EC gives the sign for the results to be announced.  Like a race, only one person can cross the tape as the winner.

We stand for peace and believe and pray that peace will be our portion on Monday and the days immediately after.  The race is not for the swift and so may the best emerge the winner.

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