Nigerian businessman Ned Nwoko says all his wives including actress Regina Daniels know he will marry a seventh wife if he chooses to.

According to him, he is from a very polygamous environment and has plans to have more children.

“So whether I marry another wife or not; she (Regina Daniels) knows it can happen…my other wives know it, so, we will see what happens in the future,” Mr Nwoko said in an interview with BBC Igbo.

His statement comes after it was rumoured that he had already taken a seventh wife.

Regina Daniels had come out to debunk the claims stating that the identified lady was only her friend.

Mr Nwoko stated that even though he has not married again, taking another wife is not something he will rule out of his life just yet.

He added that he does not believe in dating before marrying anyone. He explained that if he likes someone he would like to marry right away as his customs as been for years.

“Even in my culture, as it were as a kid in the 60s, people were not dating. They arranged marriages from family to family; they choose a wife. Most girls were expected to be virgins when they get married and they build a family from there.”

“Because they did not know each other before they got married, there was a lot of excitement and a lot of learning to do.”

Mr Nwoko revealed he married Regina Daniels and all his wives within three weeks of meeting them.

“Don’t date anybody you want to marry. When you marry them, you begin to fall in love within the marriage,” he added.

Ned Nwoko has been married to Regina Daniels for a year. The two welcomed a son in June 2020.