Renewed factional gun battle on Wednesday in Bunkrugu district in the Northern Region has claimed two lives and destroyed properties.

Several houses have also been burnt in the violence that struck Wednesday evening, reports Joy News’ Northern Region Correspondent, Hashmin Mohammed.

Residents say they woke up Thursday morning after curfew hours to see two dead bodies lying around. One of the dead persons is reported killed in a fire that engulfed his house, the other had been shot in the head.

A police constable in Bunkrugu told Wednesday over four houses have been burnt in the renewed clashes between two factions- the Jafouk and the Jamon.

The Jamon family is challenging the legitimacy of the chief of Bunkrugu who is with the Jafouk family.

The case has been in court for eight years but that has not stopped the factions from going at each other from time to time.

A curfew was subsequently imposed on the district as a result of the constant violence.

It is not clear what triggered Wednesday night's skirmishes but the police constable reports the conflict may degenerate.

Already scores of people are fleeing the area as police try to restore calm.

The clashes started around curfew hours, unconfirmed reports say.