Renowned Naturopathic Physician, Dr Ofei Agyemang, has said in order to avoid conflicts and for societies to thrive in harmony there is the need to de-radicalize people who erroneously hold that some religions are superior to others.

“The harmony we seek to achieve in society will only come when we understand that we are one people with regard to our spirituality, and that we can access God through Oneness, since the creator is the God of all religions,” he says.      

Harmony, Oneness, Life after Death and other principles are what to expect to be discussed on 4th December at the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) Hall in Accra when renowned speakers join Dr. Ofei Agyemang to throw more light on the topic.                 

Briefing the press on the essence of the lecture, Dr Ofei bemoaned the spate of bombings, assassinations, murders, kidnappings, rape and various atrocities committed against innocent people throughout the world in the pursuit of power, wealth and religion.                       

“We are dedicating this lecture to these victims, with the view to appealing to what we have in common with the perpetrators of such acts, our Divine Nature, to help the perpetrators refrain from such acts. It is erroneous for people to believe that committing suicide makes one worthy in the sight of God. We are not condemning such people, but we believe that with illumination, we shall all come to terms with the Oneness of our being” he said.           

Dr Ofei Agyemang observed that illumination can only be achieved through education, explaining that if we see each other as one people, one's religion, race, caste, sex and colour will be of no relevance.   

He called on the general public to attend the lecture, since he believes it will promote the resolution of almost all conflicts within all relationships, domestic, social and international, going forward. It will help us understand the origin of humanity's oneness, concluding that until we understand such Oneness, it will be difficult to avoid conflicts in society since most of us are controlled by our physical, mental and emotional bodies instead of our spiritual nature.