Majeed Waris' form for Trabzonspor has not been the best and reports say he may be ditched. 

The striker has had a difficult half year with injury rendering his time with the Turkish side start-stop. The 17 appearances he has made for Trabzon in all competitions are a far cry from the expectations of the club following his good loan stint with Valenciennes, where he had nine goals in 16 games.

Reports say Trabzonspor have shown interest in signing Tunisian midfielder Youssef Msakni, and are ready to swap him with the former Right to Dream player.

Waris, who made his international debut in February 2012, also proved to be a timely option with the Black Stars after a good partnership over several games with Asamoah Gyan. His goals in World Cup qualification helped the team secure a third successive appearance at the event.

He was named the Swedish Premier League's player of the year in 2012 after scoring 23 goals in 29 games for BK Haken. 

In November 2012, Waris, who had been linked to English Premier League sides Everton and Chelsea, joined nine-time Russian champions Spartak Moscow. But when he missed the last month of the 2012/13 Russian season because of a knee problem, nobody could predict that it would be the start of a recurring problem.

The 23 year old did bounce back from that injury to regain his form, and he was so highly rated due to his performances for club and country that Manchester United were repeatedly said to be monitoring his progress with Ryan Giggs watching him in the Europa League.

After the World Cup, Trabzon parted with £4.2m for him and seeing him make just his eighth top flight start for his team at the weekend continued rumours that he will be let go. Indeed, reports in Turkey say manager Ersun Yanal has accepted the proposition. 


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