Child abuse

Residents of Kparpiri in Walewale are pleading for the release of a man who severely tortured his eight-year-old daughter for allegedly stealing ¢10.

Some of the residents, including the mother of the abused child and a 70-year-old mother of the man, spoke in tears calling for the man to be pardoned and freed.

According to them, prosecuting the man will increase the family’s hardship in the community as he is the only breadwinner.

They say he is taking care of two wives, his elderly mother and about 10 children including orphans.

The residents are, therefore, appealing for the immediate release of the suspect, Alhassan Maijida, who they describe as calm and respectful.

Days ago, Alhassan assaulted the victim, who has lost three fingers of her right hand after she was accused by her stepmother of stealing the money from her grandmother.

The girl is said to have denied the accusation and was exonerated by the grandmother, but her father, Alhassan Maijida, insisted the money was with her and attacked the little girl.

He beat her with a giant stick leading to an eye injuries before setting her hand on fire.

The victim was abandoned after the assault, which occurred on Wednesday night at Kparpiri, a village about 20 kilometres from Walewale.

She was rescued by a relative who rushed her to the Wulugu Health Centre before she was referred to the Walewale Government Hospital.

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