Victims of the recent robbery incident at Mosikrom in the Ashanti Raegion are appealing to the police to help retrieve their cash and gold from the suspects.

On June 17, 2021, armed robbers attacked gold buyers in the area and took away their money after shooting two people in the leg.

The police later arrested seven suspects to assist in the investigation.

During a protest at Mosikrom, the affected residents led by Nana Bronya, urged the police to help retrieve their gold and money from the suspects. 

“My money was about 1.2 million but my wife’s cannot be quantified because of the kind of business she does. My cocoa money was also in the bed so I am also not worried about it but for that of my gold.

“Two people were shot. One is admitted at the hospital. The other had the leg amputated. They took my uncle’s money. Now that his wife is pregnant, where does he get money to take care of her. This is not the first time people have been robbed,” he said.

Speaking to JoyNews’ Mahmud Mohammed-Nurudeen, the residents said the incident has left them in a state of fear and panic.

“I got out, too, and they wanted to kill me. Without God’s grace, they would have also killed me. So the police should take action if the suspects have been arrested. They should let us see the suspects,” a resident, Abena Dorothy told the media.

Meanwhile, the residents are requesting for a 24-hour police patrol to protect lives and property while the police makes efforts to arrest more suspects. 

While assuring the people of their safety, the District Police Commander, ASP Felix Akowua said his outfit is yet to retrieve any item from the suspected robbers.

The seven suspects were arraigned before the Bekwai circuit court on July 5, 2021 and remanded in police custody.

The Chief of Mosikrom, Nana Terbi Gyansah has pledged support to the district police command as he works towards ensuring peace and serenity in the community.

“The police commander has really helped us since the incident occurred. He has always deployed his team to protect us. But we are really disturbed about the entire incident,” he said.

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