'Hustlin' rapper Rick Ross prays to God every day to thank him for all of his successes.

The 'Hustlin' rapper has had a number of hits in the US from his six studio albums, and is sure to thank a higher power for all his successes.

He said: ''Every night I fall on my knees in prayer. I remember to thank God for everything. My favourite scripture is Psalms 27:1''

Another thing Rick is devoted to are women, in particular his young daughter, Toya.

He said: ''I send my daughter flowers every month and take her on monthly dates… I also love to promote women within my company, Maybach Music Group. More women work in executive roles than you would think.''

Rick, 38 – who has more than 500 tattoos – has also just made a huge purchase, on a new house in Georgia, which he reportedly paid $7.5 million for.

He added to Us Weekly magazine: ''I just purchased [former boxer] Evander Holyfield's estate in Georgia. I am now the owner of one of the largest residential pools in the United States.''