The Greater Accra Regional Hospital, Ridge has suspended two of its staff members for engaging in administrative malpractices.

The officers were caught by BBC investigative team “Africa Eye” engaging in the sale of Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPEs) belonging to a private individual within the premises of the Hospital.

According to their statement, the items sold, however, do not belong to the hospital, nor is it a part of the hospital’s Covid-19 stock. However, the Hospital deems the act as one that “constitutes a breach of the Ghana Health Service Code of Conduct” with the potential of “tarnishing the image of the hospital”.

“As a hospital, we do not encourage this behaviour as it may adversely affect our output and also be misconstrued by the public as items of the facility,” it said.

The suspended officers are; Thomas Osei, Medicine Counter Assistant and Divine Kumordzi of the Sewing Unit of the Hospital.

Thomas Osei is serving a two-week suspension without salary for the inappropriate and unauthorized sale of PPEs on the hospital premises, whilst, Mr Divine Kumordzi is to refund all monies realized with regards to the unauthorized and inappropriate sale of face masks on the hospital premises. He is also serving a two weeks suspension without salary.

The prescribed sanction, per the hospital, is in line with the provisions of the Ghana Health Service’s Code of Conducts and Disciplinary Procedures.

Its decision to exact these punitive measures of the officers was arrived at after the hospital ordered an audit of its PPE stock.

The hospital assures its “stakeholders that all donations and items procured which are routed through the Hospital’s Main Stores managed by a Senior Supply Manager and Head of Stores and supervised by Head of Administration are all intact”.

Management of the facility took the opportunity “to send a strong warning to staff who will violate rules and regulations governing the hospital” to refrain from such acts and admonished all staff members “to abide by the rules of engagement” for the benefit of their patients and the country as a whole.

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