The surviving member of the sensational music group, Buk Bak, Prince Bright (Bling Sparkles) has said he is yet to come to terms with the sudden death of his other half, Ronnie Coaches.

Ronnie, 36, died Thursday morning at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital after a heart attack.

Buk Bak, known for several hit songs including 'Klu Brofo', 'Akwasi Broni' and 'Kolom', was versatile and rapped in Ga, Twi, and Pidgin, and was the first hip-life group in Ghana to make a successful career out of Ga music.

Bright, fighting a losing battle to hold back his tears, told Hitz Entertainment News from New York, USA, in an exclusive interview, he was shattered by the news.

In a sorrowful tone, he said, "I didn't take it pretty well at all. You know he is more like my better half. We complete each other. We've been like brothers since day one [and] knowing that he is no more it's a bit crazy."

Bright said from their school days at the Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC) in the late 1990s, they all had big dreams. He said he realized that Ronnie "had this energy that could add to the group that we had."

Asked what he will miss most about his former music partner, Bling Sparkles said Ronnie "is full of energy. Whenever you are down he is the one to help you up. We get crazy, we fight, we argue over simple stuffs and then we laugh about it."

Bright disclosed that, although he was in the United States, Ronnie, single handedly "started working on our promotion" and "we had a video shoot" in the pipeline.

He said he was putting "things together ASAP (As Soon As Possible) and get back to come take care of my brother. I should be back as soon as possible."

He used the interview to advise fellow musicians, expecially those who are publicly abusing each other, to cherish and value each other and be grateful for their lives.

"It's not necessary, all that beef can get us killed you know. Once you have life, you have everything and we should be grateful for the life of each other because God grants life and as long as you have life, you should be grateful and thankful. We should be each other's keeper," Bright advised.