Laid back posture of Samini in the studio told much of his professional posture these days – laid back.

A poise, host of Cosmopolitan Mix, the legendary Doreen Andoh recognised in her first question "what have you been up to?"

"I have been on a low profile for a bit…just took a chill trying to look at the industry from a certain distance, trying to look at what my fans would want to hear me do," he explained.

So the interview began from the fact of his inactivity and moved to a faith in his own restless search for a comeback.  And oh – it is coming.

Just that some terms and conditions will apply.

He told Doreen, any new work will be "something more matured" and "something more meaningful."

It is an admission the extra doses of youthful exuberance may be ebbing away.

In an era-of-an-anything goes-music industry, Samini has indicated he won't fall for just anything "as far as my brand is concerned".

The last time the 2008 Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards released an album – his sixth- was 2015. Not a very long time by normal standards if you take out the industry's overbearing pressure for cut-throat rat-race packaged as competition.

That album Breaking News is a throw up of highlife, hip pop, dancehall, reggae and extracts of genre from Jamaica and America.

Breaking News broke everything except the charts.

But the man who boxed himself from an underdog in Dansoman's streets into a top dog at the 2008 MTV Africa Music Awards is quite an old dog who has an eye for new tricks.

Samini says he is building up the youth and getting built up by the youth too in a symbiotic relationship which requires little egos and a big appetite to learn.

"I keep a lot of young people around me", he said. He says their creativity sometimes takes him aback perhaps back to his beginnings too. They shock him with some "hard punch lines."

They also teach the 35-year old some social media trends and tools leverageable in his music career. And he loves it.


His part of the relationship is provide the platforms – the wings of an eagle to Ghana's latest music eaglets.

He has not been afraid to help awarding-winning trio of Stonebwoy, Kofi Kinaata, E.L and of course Samini's influence on Kaakie is public knowledge.

Using his High-Grade Family label, Samini is spreading his influence through the much younger while blooding himself once again in a hibernation which has one outcome – reborn, re-energized and released to take to the sky where he has always belonged.