Samini to to produce pito for export

African Dancehall star Emmanuel Andrew Samini says he’ll go into commercial production of Pito for export.

According Samini this desire stems from his deep love for the drink which is his favorite beverage. The multiple award winning artiste told Hitz FM he always travels with his calabash and pito wherever he goes in the world.

He attributes his inspiration for writing his chartbusting songs to the potency of the pito drink which he takes for recreational purposes.

His slew of hits include Tempo, Movement, Linda and Where my baby. Others include My Kinda Girl, African Lady and Trigger.

Another reason is that his mum deals with the drink which is of Northern Origin. His mum is a legendary pito producer whose joint in Dansoman is the toast of pito lovers, some of who travel from various parts of Accra to patronise the drink. Some folks believe Samini’s star status has boosted the mum’s pito business.

Samini therefore intends to invest in his mum’s business and ensure that the beverage is distributed worldwide. In his view, apart from the benefits to his family, producing the beverage for export will also promote Ghana in addition to the revenue potentials for the nation.

The 30 year old singer has other interests spanning agriculture and merchandising for which he has an outlet in Dansoman that distributes music and reggae paraphenerlia.

Pito is made from fermented millet and it has a low alchohol content. The drink is widely drunk in northern Ghana and parts of Nigeria.

It is however not clear when Samini intends to begin the commercial scale production of the drink.