Lexis Bill is the new Santa in town! You can now call him Santa Bill or Santa Lexis and you won’t be far from right!

Lexis the Santa Bill has pulled off one of the biggest surprise giveaways on radio on Wednesday.

The WhatsApp handle of Joy FM was simply flooded with tonnes of messages, or rather best wishes, from listeners who knew what will make their Christmas perfect.

As the messages jammed the WhatsApp handle, little did they know Lexis Bill and his crafty Drive Team could make their dreams a reality.

Cynthia’s wish was to go shopping at the Junction Mall. Santa Lexis Bill was swift to raise the Paf Outlet at the Junction Mall on the line and like magic, Cynthia and other listeners got shopping vouchers.

Another listener, Susan, wanted a trip to the Royal Senchi Hotel with her family. And yes, her wish was granted!  

“A free weekend stay for two nights, bed, breakfast, lunch inclusive…” Emmanuel from Royal Senchi promised.

Susan, could not believe her ears when Santa Lexis Bill called her to inform her of the getaway package.”

“How are you? My name is Lexis Bill,” he said and a surprised Susan responded, “It’s a lie…Oh My God.”

“I just want to change the environment with my family,” she said. After Lexis broke the news to her, “I’m really grateful. Thanks so much…I don’t know what to say,” a stunned Susan said.

Some listeners got spa treatment packages – manual and electronic massages, manicure and pedicures – from X-Men Ghana while Nortey’s simple wish to get ₵200 to enable his family travel to the village was also granted.

Franka wanted a trip to Cape Coast and in true Santa Lexis Bill fashion, she got a trip to Hans Cottage Botel. Apart from bed, food and drinks, she will get a spa treatment and an opportunity to touch the crocodiles.

These were just but a few of the wishes that were granted by Santa Lexis Bill and his team.