Teaching and learning under trees will soon be a thing of the past for pupils and teachers of some three District Assembly (D/A) primary schools in the Asuogyaman District of the Eastern Region as the construction of classroom blocks begins there.

A non-governmental organization, Pencils of Promise, has cut a sod for the construction of three-unit classroom blocks with offices and KVIPs for Asegya D/A Primary, Sapor D/A Primary and Mpamproase D/A Primary schools.

Until now, pupils of these schools are forced to study under trees and in poor structures due to lack of classroom blocks.

On sunny days, the trees provide shade for the kindergaten (KG) and junior high school pupils and teachers of the aforenamed primary schools.

“Whenever it gets cloudy, we have no option than to close the school. When we realize that the storm is heavy we wait for some time and allow them to go home,” said John Dordzaga, headmaster of Asegya D/A Primary School.

Dordzaga added that the situation has affected enrolment in the school. Parents of some of the pupils have been forced to withdraw their wards from the schools.

Teachers complained that the situation makes some of the KG pupils loiter around the school compound during classes hours.

Joy News’ Haruna Yussif Wumpini reported that primary school blocks, which were constructed for the schools some decades ago are in dilapidated state.

Some teachers told Joy News that they felt uncomfortable teaching in the schools because the situation affects the academic performances of the pupils.

Hope is on the horizon as the new project by Pencils of Promise includes office block for teachers and the headmasters.